About us 

Who we are 
Established in 1998, Gas Technique & Machinery Co. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and providers in gas industry in Vietnam. 
Our main products and services are specialty gases, high-pressure vessel, gas system, equipment and engineering services. 

What we do 
1. Professional manufacturer and provider of High-pressure Vessel, High-pressure Manifold and Gas system applied latest American technologies with imported materials which are certified by APAVE, Center of Industrial Safety Registration Zone II 
- High-pressure vessels: LPG tanks, cryogenic tanks 
- High-pressure manifold 
- Gas system: gas filling system equipment, tank lorry equipment 
2. Leading supplier in Specialty Gases, Equipments for Gas industry, Industrial Machinery, Specialty Chemicals 
- Specialty Gases: pure gases (Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Argon, Ethylene, etc. ), Gas Mixtures, Calibration Gases 
- Equipments for gas industry: valves, regulators, pumps, vaporizer, float level gauge 
- Industrial Machinery 
- Specialty chemicals 
3. Specialist in engineering services for gas industry 
- Providing full-services: Designing, installing components, preparing documentations, implementing installation and test on turnkey basis for LPG, NH3 Cryogenic Tanks and gas filling station 
- Providing maintaining, refilling and repairing services for the installed systems as one part of our customer service programs 
- Providing free-of-charge service in preliminary design, cost analysis and budget pricing for project in the development phase to the customers as their professional consultants